1. 具有4年以上电子经验,具有扎实的实践知识和原则。
  2. 原理图,PCB,调试的设计经验,根据技术文件独立完成设计工作的能力。
  3. 良好的焊接能力,熟悉所有电气和电子测试仪器。
  4. 熟悉软件工具,如:OrCAD,Power PCB等。
  5. 熟悉MS办公软件。
  6. 熟悉电机驱动原理。
  7. 可以独立推动客户支持和项目,愿意出差旅行。
  8. 深圳。
  9. 外向,优秀的团队合作。


  1. 负责我们电机驱动芯片的整体平台设计:原理图,PCB,调试。
  2. 负责与客户的沟通,为客户提供设计活动,利用电机,通过生产。
  3. 负责帮助客户解决现场问题。
  4. 根据使用芯片或其他工作的问题提供良好的建议。
  5. 对客户和新员工进行公司核心技术培训。

Job Requirements:

  1. 4+ years’ experience in electronic, strong knowledge of practical and principles.
  2. Design experience of schematic, PCB, debug, ability to complete design work independently based on the technical document.
  3. Good soldering ability and be familiar with all electric and electronic test instrument.
  4. Be familiar with the software tooling, such as: OrCAD, Power PCB, etc.
  5. Be familiar with MS office software.
  6. Be familiar with motor driver principle.
  7. Can drive customer support and projects independently, willing to travel on business trip.
  8. Shenzhen based.
  9. Extrovert, good team worker.

Job Responsibility:

  1. Responsible for the whole platform design of our motor driver chip: schematic, PCB, debugging.
  2. Responsible for the communication with customer, support customers with design-in activities, utilizing their motor, through production.
  3. Responsible for helping customer to solve field problems.
  4. Provide good advice based on the issues that happen in using chip or other work.
  5. Train customers and new employee on company core technology.